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Customer Testimonials
"Dear Bill, Thanks for all you are doing to set up the furnace for us. The Bible says something like this... If you are skilled you will stand before kings. I can see you are very gifted in your work.

Yours in Christ,"
Dennis & Dawn
Oconto, WI
"Thanks Bill, WARM FLOORS! Will keep in touch for more success! Let us know if you ever need a reference."
Jodie & Dale
Porterfield, WI
"This boiler is working like a charm and has saved us $ thousands $ in heating bills."
Joe H.
Maribel, WI
"Bill, the stove at the farm is working very well. They used one semi load of wood from Sept. to May (at approx. $1,000.00) with a 72 – 75 degree house temperature. The year before it was $2,400.00 in propane with a 65 degree home temperature. My son in law isn’t so against cutting wood this year! Have a good one."
Suamico, WI