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Customer Testimonials
""I had an Edge 550 installed on January 12, 2017 by Bill from Renewable Energies. Before that, I had a different brand wood burner for five years which I thought worked good. 
After using the Edge 550 for one month, the old one doesn't come close to the Edge 550 in burn time and the amount of wood I used The firebox holds about 2/3 the amount of wood as the old stove and last longer. 
After three weeks there was a total of 3 scoop shovels of fine ash compared to a lot of small unburnt chunks in the old stove.  It was a big investment, but I am happy with it so far!" 

(RE comment: Our heating solutions usually pay themselves off within a few years in heating savings, so while upfront cost maybe incurred - our customers usually pay off their investment and begin to save thousands in heating bills very soon!)" "
Richard K.
Fond du Lac, WI
"Dear Bill, Thanks for all you are doing to set up the furnace for us. The Bible says something like this... If you are skilled you will stand before kings. I can see you are very gifted in your work.

Yours in Christ,"
Dennis & Dawn
Oconto, WI
"5 Stars!!! My wife and I purchased a 5036 Central Boiler from Renewable Energies. And we love the nice warm instant heat that the unit provides.  Bill was very helpful! We are very pleased with the customer service. Thank you!"
Paul K.
Luxemburg, WI
"Thanks Bill, WARM FLOORS! Will keep in touch for more success! Let us know if you ever need a reference."
Jodie & Dale
Porterfield, WI
"This boiler is working like a charm and has saved us $ thousands $ in heating bills."
Joe H.
Maribel, WI