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HEATPRO Wood Furnace

Heating Area:  1,500 - 3,500 sq ft
Size: 36 15/16" W X 58 11/16" D X 67 3/8" H
Maximum log length: 24"
Average particulate emissions rate: 0.753 lb/mmBTU (0.326 g/MJ)

The Heatpro, Drolet’s newest high efficiency wood furnace, offers you the power, flexibility and reliability you are looking for to heat your home. In fact, this high tech wood furnace has an adjustable air plenum which can host between 6 and 10 outlets for better air distribution in the house. 

Among its numerous benefits, this furnace can heat up to 3,500 square feet thanks to its 1,900 CFM premium blower and provides burn time up to 12 hours. Logs up to 24 inches long can also fit in the large 4.9 cubic feet firebox! The Heatpro, which has a maximum input capacity of 421,000 BTU, can be installed as a stand-alone or as an add-on furnace. Consumes up to 30% less wood compared to a conventional furnace. 

An optional thermostat (recommended) can be installed for an automatic adjustment of the combustion air supply and the motorized air damper can be manually operated on and off for a more precise combustion control.
Fuel type: Dry cordwood
Recommended heating area (sq.ft.): 1,500 - 3,500
Firebox volume (cu. ft.): 4.9
Maximum burn time: 12 h
Maximum input capacity (dry cordwood): 421,000 BTU
Overall heat output rate (min. to max.): 18,424 BTU/h (5.6 kW) to 66,576 BTU/h (19.6 kW)
Average overall efficiency  (min. to max.): 78.9 % (HHV) / 85.0 % (LHV)
Delivered heat output rate (min. to max.): 15,118 BTU/h (4.7 kW) to 51,241 BTU/h (16.0 kW)
Average delivered efficiency (min. to max.): 64.8 % (HHV) to 70.2 % (LHV)
Optimum efficiency: 85.8 %
Average particulate emissions rate: 0.753 lb/mmBTU (0.326 g/MJ)
Average CO: 17.45 lb/mmBTU (7.51 g/MJ)
Average electrical power consumption: 360 Wh


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