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LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace

Whether you have an existing furnace in your home or your new construction project includes a forced air heating system, the LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace can meet your needs. Available in a variable rate 165,000 BTU model, the LDJ Biomass Furnace can be connected to the central ductwork system in your home. The furnace is made as a stand alone system and will operate with your air conditioning unit during the cooling season.

With all of the fuel options in the market today, not one compares to the cost savings of burning biofuel. On average, most customers can show a 50%-60% savings on their heating bills. The LDJ Biomass Furnace is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) which assures you are placing a safe appliance in your home. With its quality construction and extensive testing, you will be assured that the LDJ A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace is one of the safest and most efficient solid fueled forced air systems on the market today!

Biomass Furnace Specifications

Dimensions -Biomass Furnace: 53"H x 27"W x 46"D
Dimensions - Bin: 48" H x 36" W x 51" D
Weight -Biomass Furnace: 440 lbs
Weight - Bin: 50 lbs
Flue Pipe: 6" Class A
Plenum Openings: 14" x 18"
HEAT Exchanger: 14 gauge steel
Fire Pot: 5/8" Cast Iron
Air Filter: 20 x 20 x 1
Bin Capacity: 14 Bushels
Combustion Blower: 60 or 100 CFM
Hot Air Blower: 1/2 HP - 3 speed
BTUs: 100,000 OR 165,000
Voltage: 110 Volts
Efficiency Rating: 85%
Clearance to Combustibles:
Thermostat Controlled, UL Listed

LDJ Exclusive Biomass Furnace Improvements
  • Copper auger tube
  • Sloped door lip
  • New higher torque auger motors
  • Powder coated finish
  • Updated furnace wiring
  • Larger 1/2 hp. room air blower
  • Increased plenum size
  • Updated UL listing
  • New and improved owner's manual
  • Available in 100,000 BTU & 80,000-165,000 BTU Variable Rate
  • Corn hopper shut off
  • Improved heat exchanger
  • Coupler system for Left hand / Right hand unit
  • Air Conditioning Compatible
Additional Options
  • New 7 bu. Hopper Topper
  • New Hopper Screen

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