Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces heat homes, shops, and businesses throughout ortheastern Wisconsin, and Green Bay. At Renewable Energies, LLC we offer a complete line of outdoor wood heating systems. Systems specific to your needs, and designed to free you from the high cost of heating associated with traditional fuels.

Our popular Central Boiler Wood Furnaces work with any existing heating system, whether forced air, boiler with in-floor heat, or baseboard. They're so efficient they can provide 100% of the energy required to heat all of your buildings, and your hot water too. And because the system is outdoors you'll feel safe inside. No fire hazard, or fear of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our models include the Central Boiler Classic. The Classic has set the standard for the outdoor wood furnace industry since 1984. It offers a proven balance between firebox size, and water capacity with a traditional updraft fire. But you have to hurry. Due to the EPA's N.S.P.S. ruling, the Classic model for residential use won't be available after 2015. So if you've been considering the Central Boiler Classic, now is the time to buy.

The E-Classic is an EPA qualified, down draft model, and the most advanced, efficient outdoor wood furnace on the market. The E-Classic's three stage combustion process burns wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100%.

The Classic Edge, our newest model, offers performance similar to the E-Classic but with added value in mind.

And the Maxim Outdoor Pellet Furnace, set-up just like an outdoor wood furnace, will supply you with 100% of your home's heat, and water with the use of wood pellets.

Arrange a meeting to view our Wood Furnace options at our retail location in Casco, WI , just northeast of Green Bay to take a look at our line of alternative wood heating products. Once you learn more about Central Boiler Wood Furnaces you will be on your way to energy independence.

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