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Maintenance & Furnace Tune up Special

Renewable Energies sells and installs Outdoor Wood Furnaces that are very easy to 
maintain for the most part. But there are important annual checkups and maintenance that are crucial to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your wood furnace unit.

Our Maintenance & Furnace Tune up Special we are now offering at the end of the heating season is meant to take advantage of getting this service completed prior to Fall and our busy season before winter!

We will come to your home, provide an inspection of your Outdoor Furnace, perform any cleaning and necessary maintenance to ensure that your furnace is in top shape and ready for the next heating season.

This service includes:
  • Test work for PH & Nitrates (add chemicals if needed)
  • Add Sludge conditioner (if using water and water exchangers)
  • Drain & Flush the system (once every three years)
  • Lubricate the solenoid(s) & Fan (if applicable)
  • Clear any buildup in Firebox & Inspection of Firebox
  • Clean Heat Exchangers & Air Channels (if applicable)
  • Clean or replace Filter element (if applicable)
  • Add High Temp Filter (if applicable)
  • Cover Chimney
Your  price for this service depends on:
  • The model of furnace (which will determine how much maintenance work there is to complete)
  • Your location
We are offering this service now through July 1, 2021. To take advantage of this great offer and get your deal price, contact Bill today at 920-493-2333 or contact us through our website

We offer financing options as well with Easy payment options for up to 5 years
Several areas offer tax credits and incentives for using high-efficiency EPA-certified outdoor furnaces. 

Click here to contact Bill via e-mail or call at 920-493-2333 for details