Whether your choice is the Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace, or one of our indoor wood or corn furnaces, we have all of the equipment required to install your system. Our equipment includes a backhoe and loader for trenching and backfilling. We can pour the slab for different units, and even pour a larger slab for your wood pile. The 30' reach of our crane truck insures easy placement of your alternative heating unit.

For new construction furnace installations, we work with contractors to make sure the process is organized, and cost efficient. We can work with your plumber on the water heater hook-up, the electrician for any 110 volt requirements, and the excavator for trenching. We coordinate with the HVAC contractor for the placement of the forced air coil, and any pre-wiring for the thernostats. 

All of which saves you money.To learn more, you can call us at 920-493-2333 or contact us via e-mail, and request a free meeting consultation to begin the process of creating your own custom Heating solution from Renewable Energies LLC.