The design of your Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace is an important part of the process. At Renewable Energies, LLC we make sure you know all of your available options to insure you get the most out your wood, or pellet heating system.

Proper sizing of the heat exchangers, and pumps is crucial whether you have an existing boiler, or forced air system with a water heater. The Central Boiler system will keep hard to heat rooms heated, and provide you with a greater supply of hot water.

***With a water-to-water heat exchanger you'll be able to turn off your traditional hot water heater, and save up to $80, or more, per month!

This is how it works: The Central Boiler Wood Furnace pumps heated water to your home, or building(s) through insulated, ThermoPEX underground piping. As much as 500' away. It's simply the most efficient way to move heat over distances. Plus, the Central Boiler is designed to work with your existing heating system. A heat exchanger conveys heat into a forced-air furnace, boiler, or radiant floor heating system. All designed to give you normal thermostatic temperature control.

In addition, your Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace has the ability to heat multiple buildings, whether it's your garage, shop, greenhouse, or barn without using other heating sources.

And don't forget, we design heating systems that can also heat your pool and hot tub with wood.  These systems lengthen your swimming season, and will free you from the high cost of traditional heating.