3-Point Hitch

Renewable Energies, LLC  now offers Stryker Wood Splitter products, from Central Boiler, including various 3-Point Hitch attachments that can be operated on small tractors, including:

The 2203 can be operated on small tractors with hydraulic flow rates of only 4 gpm, operating at 2700 PSI or more. Also features the unique 2-way splitting action from the knife that splits wood in both the forward and reverse stroke.

3-point hitch models like the 3203 are the perfect choice for tractor owners. Features unique splitting in both forward and reverse stroke and can be operated with hydraulic flow rates of as low as 4 gpm at 2900 psi.

For those requiring higher production, the 3403 model 3-point-hitch log splitter includes both the double sided 2-way knife and the 4-way knife. The 4-way knife works great for wood up to a diameter of 10”-12” and can be interchanged in less than 15 seconds with the double sided 2-way knife.

The 4203 is great for those who demand the highest power. An absolute nononsense wood splitter, the 4203 is designed to work continuously without failure splitting the hardest density hard woods up to 48” in diameter. For this model, 10-20 gpm is preferred. Manufactured with a 7” by 7” reinforced solid steel tube frame, reinforced stops and frictionless Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene sliders makes STRYKER log splitters the most rugged, longest lasting log splitters available on the market today.

Split 48” oversized logs down to 10”-12” in diameter and then put on the 4-way wedge to really ramp up production, quartering the wood in both directions! Manufactured with reinforced stops and frictionless Ultra-High Molecular-Weight polyethylene slides, makes STRYKER log splitters the most rugged, longest-lasting log splitters on the market today.

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